Chemical Allied Industry Association (CAIA)

CAIA, affiliated to the International Council of Chemical Associations, was established in 1994. CAIA seeks to promote the sustainability of the chemical industry in South Africa through intense advocacy, the Responsible Care® initiative and the promotion of skills development in the sector. Members sign a Responsible Care® Commitment to continuously improve their safety, health and environmental performance; and thus the sustainability of the chemical industry. Membership is open to chemical manufacturers and traders, as well as to organisations that provide a service to the chemical industry, such as hauliers and consultants.

Copper Development Association (CDAA)

The CDAA is a non-profit company based in Wadeville, Germiston sponsored by the European Copper Institute in Belgium and the International Copper Association in New York. There are Copper Development Associations in numerous global countries. The CDAA was established in 1962 and is responsible for promoting the use of copper in Africa. This is done through various initiatives such as Plumbing, HVAC, Antimicrobial copper, Electrical and Aquaculture. The CDAA members are involved in the production and sales of various copper alloy based products and CDAA endeavours to develop these markets to the benefit of its members. This is done through marketing, advertising, exhibitions and presentations.

South African Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA)

Sassda is an association of more than 400 members, most of which are located in South Africa, involved in the manufacturing of a variety of stainless steel products, or in the servicing of the stainless steel industry. Sassda members supply products and services, meeting international standards, throughout Africa. Sassda offers its members a comprehensive range of marketing and market development assistance. Sassda offers a comprehensive technical advice service which covers all aspects of the stainless steel industry, such as; fabrication, material selection, grade substitution, material and product sourcing, properties, corrosion resistance, design and material identification. This service is provided at no cost, although if the enquiry requires more in depth investigation, members are referred to other professional organisations that provide such services for a fee.

National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA)

The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA) represents the collective, non-competitive interests of the new motor vehicle manufacturing industry in South Africa and comprises twenty-two companies involved in the production of cars and commercial vehicles which businesses collectively employ about 30 000 persons. NAAMSA also represents the interests of twenty-one companies involved in the importation and distribution of new motor vehicles in South Africa. All the major multi-national automotive corporations are members of NAAMSA.

Packaging SA

Packaging SA is a non-profit organization which represents the interests of various stakeholders in the paper and packaging industry including converters, brand-owners and raw material suppliers. Its role as an industry advocate includes lobbying with government on issues which impact on the sector and it actively supports policies relating to the protection and improvement of the environment. It also promotes the benefits of packaging and serves to keep members updated with developments in the South African market. Packaging SA has close ties with the Institute of Packaging SA (IPSA) and is committed to driving education and training in the field of packaging.

www.packagingsa.co.za  tel: 012 001 1914

The Aluminium Federation of South Africa (AFSA)

The Aluminium Federation of South Africa (AFSA) is the voice of and the gateway to the South African Aluminium Industry.

The Purpose of AFSA

  • To promote the use of aluminium and the growth of aluminium usage,
  • To promote the Southern African aluminium industry, including the Aluminium Casting Industry, both regionally and internationally,
  • To promote, represent and defend the interests of its members.

AFSA members are engaged in a significant range of manufacturing sectors, including:

  • Primary and Secondary aluminium production,
  • Extruded and Rolled products,
  • Architectural/building and construction,
  • Fabrication, including welding and bonding,
  • Packaging,
  • Castings,
  • Surface finishing,
  • Suppliers

Society for Automation, Instrumentation, Measurement and Control (SAIMC)

The SAIMC (derived from “Society for Automation, Instrumentation, Measurement and Control”) is a non-profit company, i.e. a NPC.

The SAIMC has three goals for 2023:

  1. Establish a process by which our people can be educated, trained and skilled in the fast-changing world of Automation. Automation is disrupting industries across the globe and we need skilled people who can take advantage of this
  2. Growth of the SAIMC in order to establish Automation as a recognised discipline
  3. Become the go-to place for all aspects of Automation. One such centre of Excellence is our Industrie 4.0 Task Team


RCCI, FCCI & LCCI are registered, affiliated to the National chamber body, SACCI, operating with a constitution and an elected Executive Council. Randburg Chambers boast 59 years of support to their local businesses as well as sterling works achieved in other areas, positively affecting the people and business alike. The Fourways Chamber as well as the Lanseria Chamber, under the RCCI banner, celebrated 1 year in July 2018. Our mandate is to support and facilitate opportunities for Business as well as offer support at a Municipal, Provincial and Government levels regarding issues affecting business as well as social and service delivery matters. Our Focus on SME development, upliftment and support of business is all spheres is our main focus as well as facilitating opportunities across our borders into the SADC region and other countries where opportunity abounds. We also offer Electronic Certificates of Origin, utilizing our own SA designed system with excellent training and support structure. Businesses are encouraged to work with and communicate their concerns and needs to the chamber to enable us to service them better.

Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (AMA)

The Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association has represented the full supply chain of the aerosol industry since 1963. The first major success was the voluntary withdrawl of CFC propellants in the South African Market. Since then the AMA has launched a consumer assurance AMA Approved Mark, raised the profile of recycling in the metal and more specifically the Aerosol industry. The AMA has strong links with international bodies, and has a formal Reciprocal Agreement with the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association that assist in maintaining high production standards, codes of conduct and training programmes. Local Manufacturing has grown over the last 50 years incrementally, and now is in excess of 280 million cans – units- produced each year.

Proudly South African (PSA)

Proudly South African is the country’s local procurement advocacy campaign that aims to influence the buying behaviour of consumers, private business and the public sector in favour of locally grown, produced and manufactured goods and services. The “Buy Local” philosophy is an internationally tried and tested method to stimulate economic growth through job creation, which results from the increased uptake of local goods and services. Proudly South African is a member-based organisation.

Website: www.proudlysa.co.za

South African Furniture Initiative (SAFI)

The South African Furniture Initiative is a joint initiative of industry, labour and government, with the common interest of promoting development and growth of the South African furniture industry for the benefit of all stakeholders.

SAFI’s objectives:

  • Provide market intelligence information.
  • Facilitate training, mentoring and other support services.
  • Promote the South African furniture manufacturing industry and associated furniture design.
  • Facilitate access to domestic and international markets, especially for small, and previously disadvantaged individual (PDI) owned enterprises.
  • Determine and facilitate the implementation of initiatives and programmes to enhance the performance of the South African furniture industry.
  • Sustain existing employment and create new employment opportunities within the furniture industry’s value chain.

Website: www.furnituresa.org.za

Minara Chamber of Commerce

The Minara Chamber of Commerce is a formally constituted organization representing and assisting South African businesses and entrepreneurs. The Mission of the chamber is to provide a guiding vision for businesses and to promote and strengthen business activities for our members.

South Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI)

The origin of the South Coast Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI) can be traced back to about 65 years ago. With the restructure of local government after 1994, the Chamber has assumed a district-wide personality, representing all four Local Municipalities in the Ugu District. While economic activity remains dominated along the coastal belt, the Chamber has, more recently, actively sought to attract and support emerging businesses in the inland areas. Much focus is also given to women and youth owner enterprises. The Chamber has a proud history of undertaking projects in partnership with Provincial and National government and is an active role player in the transformation agenda of the Country.

Website: www.sccci.org.za

Steel Tube Export Association of South Africa (STEASA)

The Steel Tube Export Association of South Africa has been established to develop sustainable, internationally competitive carbon steel tube and pipe manufacturing export markets for South African Manufacturers, which meets the broader national objectives of job creation, industry transformation, beneficiated export growth and wealth creation through effectively utilising all resources available within the industry to promote sustainable export growth capabilities and value for existing manufacturers and to facilitate entry into international markets by new entrants.

Website: www.steasa.com