Participating at the Manufacturing Indaba is an ideal way to position your company as a market leader at this premier event. By becoming a partner, you will showcase your brand optimally and generate great brand awareness. Manufacturing Indaba provides a major networking platform for decision makers and professionals within the Manufacturing sector. Manufacturing Indaba offers a variety of customisable marketing opportunities that fit your brand’s needs and objectives. Contact us today to learn more about this opportunity.

For more information about becoming a partner to the event, please click here to email, or send an email to with ‘Manufacturing Indaba KZN Partnership’ in the subject line.

Partners & Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors


Absa is a proud supporter to the makers of Africa – the manufacturers that contribute to livelihoods, produce our food and beverages, manufacture automotive vehicles, clothe our nation and create the key components that support our infrastructure. Those who persevere through adversity.

At Absa we have a team of dedicated specialists who focus on understanding the nuances of the manufacturing sector. They are able to provide indispensable advice and valuable business insights to strengthen your business in this ever-evolving and competitive market.

The cornerstones of our economy need imaginative, bespoke approaches to take business into the future. With a customer-centric approach that considers your business as well as the sector in which it operates holistically, we can understand your specific needs and provide solutions that suit you.

Effective management of working capital drives success for manufacturers, given that manufacturing sales follow a seasonal trend with imports, exports, stock and liquidity management key considerations as you move through the cycles. Understanding this seasonality is key to correctly solutioning your needs at the right time. We understand that with the right collaborations, we can play a significant role in transformation and sustainability. We support the sector through the funding of renewable energy and more advanced assets, ensuring energy efficiency and cost savings to your business.

We aim to unlock the potential in the manufacturing value chain of South Africa.

For Absa, this sponsorship of the Manufacturing Indaba is only the beginning. The real journey is in finding innovative solutions designed to support the growth of this industry and doing more to support processes, provide valuable resources and give access to relevant products, at the right time.



Sage exists to knock down barriers so everyone can thrive, starting with the millions of small and mid-sized businesses served by us, our partners and accountants.

Customers trust our finance, HR and payroll software to make work and money flow. By digitising business processes and relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, banks and governments, our digital network connects SMBs, removing friction and delivering insights. Knocking down barriers also means we use our time, technology and experience to tackle digital inequality, economic inequality and the climate crisis.


Silver Sponsor


ECIC is the official export credit agency (ECA) of South African government. ECIC provides insurance that enables South African exporters to offer their services and products on the international market, with a particular focus on emerging markets that are considered too risky for conventional insurers. Its overarching goal and mandate from the South African government is to make South African exporters attractive to international buyers to attract foreign income, stimulate local economic growth and create local jobs.


Factory of the Year Host

Factory of the Year

• A global annual benchmarking competition running for over 30 years and recognised as the toughest benchmarking test for companies in the production arena
• The competition accesses performance against factories in all industries and >30 countries, considering >100 benchmarks across six key business dimensions

How will you benefit?

• You will receive an individualised detailed feedback report with insights into how you compare relative to competitors, with a summary of your strengths and improvement potential
• Over 2,000 factories have used this impartial, cross-industry benchmarking contest to determine their positions relative to competitors locally and best-in-class globally

Host City

eThekwini Municipality’s Economic Development Unit (EDU)

eThekwini Municipality’s Economic Development Unit (EDU) is mandated to promote economic development, job creation, economic transformation and economic intelligence within the municipal region. The EDU Industry Development Department facilitates the stimulation and growth of priority sectors, by providing city-wide support to the targeted economic sectors in line with the National Industrial Development Policy Framework, eThekwini’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP) as well as the eThekwini Sakha Itheku Shape Durban strategy.

EDU’s response to provide strategic sector level interventions in prioritised sectors and facilitate partnerships with leading firms has been driven by supporting models of collective efficiency and clustering. Industry development is driven by Industry Clusters, Sector Development Initiatives, Incubators, Business Accelerators and programmes to support localisation, export development and promotion, business retention and expansion coupled with industrial revitalisation.

Clustering is a well-established economic development mechanism for manufacturing growth and competitiveness. Clusters are pools of economic energy, stimulating new ideas and supporting the strength of individual companies through collective efficiency. It is an enabling platform and partnership that creates a space of governance where all relevant players collaborate to promote competitiveness, job creation, innovation, skills, financing and remove obstacles for the growth.