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Participating at the Manufacturing Indaba is an ideal way to position your company as a market leader at this premier event. By becoming a partner, you will showcase your brand optimally and generate great brand awareness. Manufacturing Indaba provides a major networking platform for decision makers and professionals within the Manufacturing sector. Manufacturing Indaba offers a variety of customisable marketing opportunities that fit your brand’s needs and objectives. Contact us today to learn more about this opportunity.

For more information about becoming a partner to the event, please click here to email, or send an email to with ‘Manufacturing Indaba Partnership’ in the subject line.

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Absa is a proud supporter to the makers of Africa – the manufacturers that contribute to livelihoods, produce our food and beverages, manufacture automotive vehicles, clothe our nation and create the key components that support our infrastructure. Those who persevere through adversity.

At Absa we have a team of dedicated specialists who focus on understanding the nuances of the manufacturing sector. They are able to provide indispensable advice and valuable business insights to strengthen your business in this ever-evolving and competitive market.

The cornerstones of our economy need imaginative, bespoke approaches to take business into the future. With a customer-centric approach that considers your business as well as the sector in which it operates holistically, we can understand your specific needs and provide solutions that suit you.

Effective management of working capital drives success for manufacturers, given that manufacturing sales follow a seasonal trend with imports, exports, stock and liquidity management key considerations as you move through the cycles. Understanding this seasonality is key to correctly solutioning your needs at the right time. We understand that with the right collaborations, we can play a significant role in transformation and sustainability. We support the sector through the funding of renewable energy and more advanced assets, ensuring energy efficiency and cost savings to your business.

We aim to unlock the potential in the manufacturing value chain of South Africa.

For Absa, this sponsorship of the Manufacturing Indaba is only the beginning. The real journey is in finding innovative solutions designed to support the growth of this industry and doing more to support processes, provide valuable resources and give access to relevant products, at the right time.


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Sage exists to knock down barriers so everyone can thrive, starting with the millions of small and mid-sized businesses served by us, our partners and accountants.

Customers trust our finance, HR and payroll software to make work and money flow. By digitising business processes and relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, banks and governments, our digital network connects SMBs, removing friction and delivering insights. Knocking down barriers also means we use our time, technology and experience to tackle digital inequality, economic inequality and the climate crisis.


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Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) 

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) of South Africa Limited was established in 1940 through an Act of Parliament (Industrial Development Corporation Act, 22 of 1940) and is fully owned by the South African Government.

IDC priorities are aligned with the national policy direction as set out in the National Development Plan (NDP), Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP) and industry Master Plans. Our mandate is to maximise our development impact through job-rich industrialisation, while contributing to an inclusive economy by, among others, funding black-owned and empowered companies, black industrialists, women, and youth-owned and empowered enterprises.

Simultaneously, the IDC must ensure its long-term sustainability through prudent financial and human resource management, safeguard the natural environment, and increasingly position itself as a Centre of Excellence for development finance.

We support industrial capacity development proactively identifying and funding high-impact projects, creating viable new industries, and using diverse industry expertise to drive growth in priority sectors. This is done to facilitate sustainable direct and indirect jobs; promoting entrepreneurial development and growing the SME sector; and transform communities and growing black industrialists. We fund industrial development projects, play a catalytic role in promoting partnerships across industries within and outside our borders, and promote regional economic growth through:

-Proactively indentifying and funding high-impact and labour-intensive projects;

-Leading the creation of viable new industries

-Using our diverse industry expertise to drive growth in priority sectors; and

-Taking up higher-risk funding projects.



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ECIC is the official export credit agency (ECA) of South African government. ECIC provides insurance that enables South African exporters to offer their services and products on the international market, with a particular focus on emerging markets that are considered too risky for conventional insurers. Its overarching goal and mandate from the South African government is to make South African exporters attractive to international buyers to attract foreign income, stimulate local economic growth and create local jobs.


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The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is a leading scientific and technology research organisation that researches and develops transformative technologies to accelerate socioeconomic prosperity in South Africa. The organisation’s work contributes to industrial development and supports a capable state. The CSIR is an entity of the Department of Science and Innovation.

The organisation plays a key role in supporting the public and private sectors through directed research that is aligned with the country’s priorities, the organisation’s mandate and its science, engineering and technology competences. The nine high-impact sectors identified by the CSIR to achieve its aims are:

Industry advancement clusters​

• Advanced Agriculture and Food
• NextGen Health
• Future Production: Chemicals
• Future Production: Mining
• Future Production: Manufacturing

• Defence and Security

Industry and society enabling clusters

• Smart Places
• Smart Mobility

• NextGen Enterprises and Institutions

Our core values are the driving force behind our ability to conduct cutting-edge research and technological innovation to improve the quality of life of South Africans. These values make for an EPIC team – one that pursues Excellence, celebrates People, personifies Integrity, and welcomes Collaboration.

For more information about the CSIR, visit;;;

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Yellow Door Energy

Yellow Door Energy is the leading sustainable energy partner for businesses, serving commercial and industrial customers in the Middle East, Africa and beyond. The company’s solar and battery energy storage solutions enable businesses to secure their energy supply, reduce electricity costs and lower carbon emissions. These solutions directly support companies’ and countries’ Net Zero targets. Yellow Door Energy’s shareholders are Actis, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and APICORP.

In South Africa, Yellow Door Energy is well positioned to support businesses through solar power purchase agreements (“PPA’s”) that can contain on-site solar PV, wheeling and battery energy storage systems (BESS). Through the solar PPA’s, private offtakers are empowered to address load shedding challenges, control their energy costs and eliminate supply volatility.

With operations in the UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and South Africa, Yellow Door Energy has one of the largest commercial & industrial project portfolios in the region, with 106 megawatts in operation and 104 megawatts awarded and under construction. The company has key existing relationships with a large customer base of over 50 companies, including multi-national businesses such as Nestlé, Majid Al Futtaim, DHL, Mondelēz, and Unilever.




National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa (NCPC-SA)

The National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa is a national support programme that drives the transition of South African industry towards a green economy through appropriate resource efficient and cleaner production (RECP) interventions.

The NCPC-SA’s mission is to drive RECP in industrial and selected commercial and public sectors by equipping them to operate in an efficient, sustainable and competitive manner. Services and focus areas include industry and sector knowledge-sharing, company technical support; green skills development; advocacy and awareness-raising.

The NCPC-SA implemented the award-winning Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) Project which has helped companies save 6.5 TWh of energy – equivalent to five years of load shedding at the 2019 level of 1.352 TWh.





Aggreko is a world-leading provider of mobile modular power, temperature control and energy solutions. Operating in a rapidly changing energy market, our priority is to support our customers through the energy transition by providing cost-effective and flexible answers to the simple or complex challenges our customers face.

Founded in Scotland in 1962, Aggreko has grown from a small local business to a global energy pioneer, employing more than 6,000 people. Headquartered in Glasgow, we’ve remained true to our roots, and have operations in 67 locations, ready to deliver energy solutions to every corner of the globe.

Aggreko creates bespoke solutions to provide all electricity, and cooling needs using the latest fuels and storage solutions. This is powered by our trademark passion, unrivalled international experience, and local knowledge.

We recognize our position as partners in the energy transition and are constantly evolving our products to provide better solutions no matter the sector.

For more information, please visit our local website at:



The Department of Science and Innovation

The Department of Science and Innovation seeks to boost socio-economic development in South Africa science, technology and innovation (STI) in support of manufacturing. Advanced Manufacturing is one of the areas envisaged to drive future production and competitiveness globally. Prioritisation Advanced Manufacturing is informed by sustained investment support and progress in the national system of innovation (NSI) over the years in building critical mass, world-class competencies, RDI funding instruments and pilot facilities in  technology focal areas. The DSI, through its Decadal Plan intends to leverage existing capabilities to ensure that STI solutions are available to boost the technological intensity of manufacturing firms through the adoption of high-tech, new thinking for new  and mature industries –  increasing competitiveness and foreign revenue.  Manufacturing, as well as other sectors of the economy, can benefit enormously from the technology convergence approach, leading to improved productivity, product development agility and sustainable production processes.

The Department of Science and Innovation: Making Sure It’s Possible


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The Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA)

The Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) is a statutory body established in terms of the Engineering Profession Act (EPA), 46 of 2000. The ECSA’s primary role is the regulation of the engineering profession in terms of this Act. Its core functions are the accreditation of engineering programmes, registration of persons as professionals in specified categories, and the regulation of the practice of registered persons.

Consequently, the ECSA is the only body in South Africa that is authorised to register engineering professionals and bestow the use of engineering titles, such as Pr Eng, Pr Tech Eng, Pr Techni Eng, Pr Cert Eng, on persons who have met the requisite professional registration criteria. ECSA is under the Leadership of Refilwe Buthelezi, Pr. Eng President​.

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Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone


Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone is a world-class development offering globally integrated logistics and manufacturing infrastructure that supports a range of airport-related activities, including cargo operations, warehousing, agriculture, commercial real-estate for office and retail.

The benefits that are offered to businesses operating within the Special Economic Zone are geared towards promoting business growth, revenue generation, employment creation, the export of value-added commodities, and the attraction of both foreign and local investment – all enhancing South Africa’s manufacturing and export capabilities.



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At iOCO, we exist to solve your most complex business challenges through digital business transformation and technology platform optimisation. Our focus is on delivering functional outcomes across a wide spectrum of industries, covering IT & OT applications, and automation. iOCO Software sole focus is Infor, a leader in industry-specific ERP solutions, amplifies our mission.

Infor’s preconfigured, modern ERP solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of your industry, offering world-class cloud security and operational efficiency. Together, iOCO and Infor provide a set of comprehensive, secure, and efficient solutions that empower your business to achieve sustainable, operational advantages with greater agility and critical business insights.


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At SynergERP, we offer turnkey business management solutions. By harnessing the power of innovative technology, we help our clients achieve financial and operational excellence. With a solid track record since 1993, we are proud to be recognised as an award-winning Sage Platinum Partner.

Our software solutions empower our manufacturing clients to analyse operations in real-time, refine processes, and easily adapt to ever-changing demands. Partner with SynergERP to optimise your manufacturing operations and achieve lasting success.


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At PwC, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. We’re a network of firms in 152 countries with nearly 328,000 people. Guided by our strategy, The New Equation, we bring together unique combinations of people, powered by technology, galvanising ourselves as a community of solvers to deliver trust and sustained outcomes to our clients. PwC’s smart manufacturing practice assists our clients in the manufacturing sector to reduce costs, increase their efficiencies and be globally competitive. It’s not just about technology; it’s also about how people understand and are supported to use the technology that ensures effective transformation.

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Daystar Power

Daystar Power is a leading off-grid power service provider, offering hybrid solar energy solutions to commercial and industrial businesses in Africa. Daystar Power’s solutions “Solar-as-a-Service” (100% solar power) and “Power-as-a-Service” (hybrid power solutions with battery storage) provide clean and reliable power while reducing clients’ overall power costs.

Founded in 2017 by the African venture builder Sunray Ventures, Daystar Power counts the region’s leading industrial and commercial companies among its client base and is active in Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa. Daystar Power has 50.4 MWdc and 43.7MWac of installed solar power capacity across a 360 project portfolio. Daystar Power is part of the Shell Group.



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The Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone (RBIDZ)

The Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone Company (SOC) Ltd (RBIDZ) is a Special Economic Zone that is purpose-built and secure industrial estate on the north-eastern coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa linked to the international deep-water port of Richards Bay. It is tailored for the manufacturing of goods and production of services to boost beneficiation, investment, economic growth and the development of skills and employment.

The RBIDZ is a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), encouraging international competitiveness through world-class infrastructure as well as tax, VAT and duty-free incentives to qualifying investors. This SEZ’s strategy is geared to provide significant contribution to the country’s economic growth through creation of employment opportunities, up- grading the skills, technology transfer, deepening economic empowerment of historically disadvantaged individuals and broadening of South Africa’s basket of export products.